How to Disassemble an Ar-15

How to Disassemble an Ar-15

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The AR-15 is a popular model assault rifle, largely manufactured for civilian use. The design of the AR-15 is almost identical to the M16-A2 service rifle currently used by the United States military. This weapon utilizes a gas-operated, air-cooled design while firing a .223, or Nato 5.56 millimeter round at extremely high velocity. The AR-15 is a highly accurate weapon and a favorite among rifle collectors and sport shooting or competition shooting enthusiasts. Properly disassembling or field stripping the AR-15 is a process that is nearly identical to the M16-A2.

Items you will need

  • Small screwdriver

Step 1

Remove the magazine from the weapon by pushing on the magazine release button and sliding the magazine out simultaneously. The magazine release button is just above the magazine on the right side of the rifle. Ensure that the weapon is in the safe position.

Step 2

Pull the charging handle to the rear into its locked position, cocking the rifle, and look inside the feed chamber to ensure that no live ammunition is present in the rifle. Push the charging handle forward again. The gun needs to be unloaded and cocked for proper disassembly.

Step 3

Locate the rear take-down pin on the left side of the rifle. Push the pin out using a small screwdriver or small pointed tool. The pin will push out slightly and stay in place with its retainer. The rifle should swing down and open just as a shotgun would.

Step 4

Pull the charging handle to the rear fully. This will remove the bolt carrier group and the charging handle will stay in place. Slide the bolt carrier group out of the rifle.

Step 5

Remove the front barrel side guards by grabbing the round release ring just in front of the magazine chamber. Pull the release ring towards you and slide the hand guards off by pulling to the side.


  • Always ensure that the rifle is completely unloaded before performing maintenance.


  • Use CLP or Break Free cleaning solution to properly lubricate and clean your rifle.
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