How to Disassemble an A5 Browning

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The A5 Browning shotgun is one of the most successful sport rifles on the market. The gun was first produced in 1898 by John Moses Browning and manufactured by the Fabrique Nationale gun company in Belgium and by Remington guns in the US. In addition to being a popular hunting rifle in the US and Europe, the A5 Browning has seen use in military and law enforcement applications as well. Disassembling an A5 Browning is a necessary step in cleaning and general maintenance of this highly successful shotgun and requires very few tools.

Pull back on the bolt several times to eject any unused shells. Pull back on the bolt one more time and look inside the chamber for a visual inspection, making sure the shotgun is empty.

Unscrew the fore stock nut with your fingers and slide off the fore stock. The fore stock is the handle directly beneath the barrel and the fore stock nut is located at the front of the fore stock. Slide off the barrel from the breech using your hand. The breech is where shells are loaded into the firearm.

Slide the O-ring off the magazine tube, and then slide off the recoil spring. The magazine tube is the cylinder that was covered by the fore stock. Remove the small handle from the bolt by pulling it away from the ejection port with your fingers.

Push up on the feed latch located on the underside of the breech, where shells are loaded into the weapon. Then push the shell spring aside, located inside the breech, while at the same time pulling out the magazine tube from the front of the breech.

Tap out two pins located directly above the forward and rear trigger guard using a punch tool and small hammer. Pull out the trigger guard with your fingers and the trigger assembly will follow.


  • Disassembling the A5 Browning shotgun is rather straightforward. Although the firearm remains relatively clean even after firing several hundred rounds, it is advisable to clean the weapon after every hundred rounds.


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