How to Dig for Fishing Worms

Some fishermen see little point in paying for nightcrawlers when they can dig up their own in abundance. If you have the extra time, you really can save money by locating these fish delicacies in their natural habitat. Here is how to dig for fishing worms.

Dig for earthworms when the ground is soft and moist. A good time to look is right after a rain when the worms begin to burrow to the surface of the ground. While the ground is dry, you will have to dig a lot further.

Look for dark, damp areas to find worms. Popular earthworm hangouts are under large rocks and logs in wooded areas. You are likely to see a few wriggling out in the open when you lift the rocks.

Use a small shovel to dig up moist sections of earth. As you bring up mounds of dirt, sift through them with your fingers to locate the worms.

Place the earthworms in an empty pail, making sure to include some soil to keep them nourished and prevent them from drying out before they can be used.

Harvest only what will be needed for the upcoming fishing excursion, as nightcrawler storage can sometimes be tricky.

Use your earthworm harvest as soon as possible.


  • If there will be a considerable span of time before the next fishing trip, consider releasing your unused earthworms back into the wild.

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