How to Cook a Bowfin

How to Cook a Bowfin

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The bowfin is also known as the dogfish, or the mud fish. This primitive fish has a dorsal fin that extends down the length of its body. Another identifying characteristic is the small pair of barbels that are located just above it's nostrils. While every angler has his or her favorite fish recipe, here is one that is widely used because many anglers enjoy fried fish. All fish are basically fried using the same method. The following is a recipe that is easy to follow and has been tested over the years.

Items you will need

  • Deep fryer

  • Vegetable oil

  • Corn meal

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Ladle

  • Paper towels

Add vegetable oil to the deep fryer and turn the fryer on to allow the oil to heat up. The amount of oil required varies according to the amount of fish fried. Read the directions that were included with your deep frying unit to determine the exact amount of oil to use.

Apply corn meal to coat the bowfin fillets. Ensure that you coat both sides of the fillets with a thick coating of meal. Add salt and pepper, or other spices that you enjoy with fish, to provide additional flavoring.

Drop the fillets into the hot oil one at a time once you begin to observe bubbles in the oil rising to the surface. Keep your eye on the oil because you will need to turn down the heat if the oil begins to boil over.

Watch the fillets as they are cooking They will float to the top of the oil when they are almost ready to be taken out. Remove the fillets using a ladle once they have risen to the surface and have turned a golden brown. After you have removed them, place the cooked fillets one at a time on a paper towel and gently dab to remove any excess oil.

Allow the fillets to cool down a bit before serving.


  • Be extremely careful when frying fish because the oil is very hot.
  • It is important not to place any fillets into the oil before you observe bubbles rising to the surface. Dropping breaded fish into cold oil will cause the breading to separate from the fish.


  • The most important part of frying fish is watching the fillets as they are frying. Do not allow the fillets to cook so long that they turn dark brown because this will cause the fish to be tough and unappetizing.
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