How to Convert My Compound Bow Into a Crossbow

How to Convert My Compound Bow Into a Crossbow

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Hunting with a compound bow requires a considerable amount of strength, as drawing back the bow and holding it steady for accurate shooting means working against quite a bit of tension. If you have a compound bow but need to use a weapon that takes less strength, such as a crossbow, you can convert your compound bow instead of going to the expense of buying a new bow.

Items you will need

  • Quiver with arrows

  • Draw-lock device

Step 1

Add a quiver to your compound bow. Most bows and quivers come with brackets, complete with hardware. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to attach the quiver to your bow. Store your arrows and draw-lock inside.

Step 2

Attach your draw-lock to your compound bow when you are ready to use it. Purchase a draw-lock device that comes with a hardware kit. Alternatively, choose one that requires no hardware. On the latter, simply slide the arrow into the device and pull back.

Step 3

Prepare to fire by setting your foot into the device's stirrup, if it has one. The stirrup offers stability and integrates leg and back muscles into the process, taking the stress off your upper body.

Step 4

Slide your arrow into position and either pull back on the bow string or pull the trigger, depending on the construction of your draw-lock.


  • Always wear safety glasses when using a bow and arrow.
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