The Best Colored Lenses for Sight Fishing

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Spotting fish in even the most shallow water can be difficult when the blinding sun reflects off the surface of the water. Discerning shapes in murky water also presents challenges, especially with the color distortions from cloudy or foggy conditions. The drastic glare reduction from polarized sunglasses makes them a necessity for sight fishing, but the color of the lenses also plays an important role. Keep at least a couple of these lens options on hand, and you'll be covered for a variety of weather and water conditions.


Amber lenses provide good contrast.
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Polarized lenses with an amber tint are superior to other colors in terms of contrast, making the outlines of the fish stand out from the surrounding waters. In a review of sport glasses, Hipwader recommends amber tinted sunglasses for both color distinction and contrast, particularly in snowy or bright fog weather conditions. In the Wilson County News, pro fisherman Scott Suggs does note that despite the increased contrast, amber lenses don't provide the best protection from full sun glare.


Copper-tinted sunglasses are a step up from amber, offering greater contrast and color enhancement. The CBS Sports Store rates copper lenses highly for sight fishing, noting that the color absorbs blue light, the rays most responsible for glare. The Bass Pro Shops Master catalog also lists copper lenses as the perfect choice for sight fishing in all weather conditions.


Green-tinted sunglasses boost color clarity.
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Green sunglasses offer more protection than amber from the sun's rays, and can boost color clarity. Eye Surrender Online recommends green lenses for sight fishing of bass, as the tint helps enhance their telltale black stripe through the murky water. Suggs warns that green lenses don't always offer the sharpest picture of what's out there.

Silver Mirror

Mirrored sunglasses.
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The amber or copper base of these lenses offers high contrast and color enhancement, while the silver mirror coating adds another layer of light-absorbing material to cut down on blinding sun and glare. Tackle Tour's review of silver lenses praises them for their clarity in a variety of conditions, and Bass Pro Shops recommends them for freshwater sight fishing in variable light. Look for mirrored versions of your green, copper, amber, or blue colored sunglasses for an added boost in light absorption and eye protection.