How to Color Waxworms

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Waxworms are small, mealworm-like crawlers that are often used for fishing as bait. Although the worms are plump and intriguing to fish, their bland color can make them a little hard to see. Colored waxworms offer all the benefits of live, squirming bait but are much easier to see, giving you a better chance of catching a fish sooner. Coloring your own wax worms will save you money over time and is very easy.

Remove the waxworms from the dirt-filled container they came in and put them in a plastic container. Set the original dirt container aside.

Open a bottle of bait dye, such as Vision Baits, Pro-Cure Bait Dye or Nash Bait Dye. Pour the adequate amount of bait dye over the worms: 1/4 oz. of bait dye will effectively color 25 worms. Each bottle contains 1 oz. of dye.

Allow the waxworms to crawl around and soak in the dye.

Cover the container with a non-airtight top and put it into the refrigerator. Let set anywhere from 3 hours to overnight to allow the color to deepen.

Remove the colored waxworms from the container of dye and return them to the original dirt container. They are now ready to use.


  • One oz. of bait dye will color 100 waxworms.


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