How to Clean a Walther Gun

The Walther firearms company produces several different models of handgun, the most recognizable probably being the Walther PPK, which has earned its place in history as being the original James Bond's weapon of choice. Like all firearms, your Walther pistol will need periodic cleaning in order to keep it ready for firing, especially if you use it on a regular basis. Walther pistols should be cleaned after every firing, and on a semi-annual basis if you do not use it much.

Remove the magazine from the pistol grip and rack the slide action back to eject any live rounds from the firing chamber. Removing all live ammunition from your weapon should always be your first step when working on any type of firearm.

Field-strip your pistol. If you need information on how to do this--each pistol has a slightly different break-down process--refer to the manuals linked to in the "Resources" section.

Dust off all the components with compressed air once you have finished breaking the pistol down.

Dip your bore brush in gun solvent and run it through the pistol barrel several times. Rotate the brush as you push it through to make sure you dislodge as much dirt and grime as possible.

Push several cloth swatches all the way through the barrel with your bore brush. Do this until they come out completely clean and free of solvent.

Apply a small amount of solvent to a clean cloth and wipe down all the metallic pieces of your pistol, including the inside of the slide, the recoil spring and the rails on the pistol frame. Dry off the solvent afterward.

Apply a small amount of gun oil to a cloth swatch and run it through the barrel several times to fully coat the metal with lubricant. Once this is done, run a clean cloth swatch through the barrel to pick up any excess lubricant.

Apply a small amount of oil to another clean cloth and rub down all the metal parts of the pistol. The lubricant will help prevent rust while the weapon is stored.

Reassemble the weapon.


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