How to Clean a SIG Sauer P229

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SIG Sauer's P229 is a sidearm of choice for federal law enforcement in the United States. Many federal agencies prefer its solid, industrial-grade build quality and versatility. The P229 can be converted to use 9 mm, .40 or .357 ammunition simply by switching the barrel and recoil spring. Built of German- and American-made components and assembled at SIGArm's Exeter, New Hampshire, facility, it features a hard anodized aluminum frame and a heavy-duty slide milled from a single block of stainless steel. The P229 is 7.1 inches long, 5.4 inches high and 1.5 inches thick. It weighs 27.5 ounces. For routine cleaning and inspection, the P229 must be field-stripped first.

Items you will need

  • Handgun cleaning kit


Point the pistol in a safe direction. Unload the pistol and remove the magazine.

Pull the slide all the way back to its stop and engage the slide catch lever to lock it in the open position.

Verify visually that no rounds of ammunition are in the chamber or the magazine well.

Move the takedown lever, located just above the trigger on the left side of the pistol, down to a six o' clock position.

Pull the slide back slightly to unlock it. Keeping hand pressure on the slide, let it move gradually forward to the end of its travel.

Pull the entire slide assembly, consisting of the slide, barrel, recoil spring and guide, off the end of the frame.

Compress the recoil spring slightly by pushing the recoil spring guide forward a short distance, then lift the rear of the spring and guide and remove it from the slide.

Pull the rear of the barrel up and lift the barrel up and out of the slide.


Attach a soft, gun-cleaning bristle brush lubricated with light gun oil to the end of a handgun cleaning rod. Insert it into the barrel from the chamber end and clean the barrel. Follow with several clean gun-cleaning patches until the patches come out with no discoloration.

Clean the external surface of the barrel with the bristle brush lubricated with light gun oil and then swab the exterior of the barrel clean with gun-cleaning patches moistened with gun oil.

Clean powder residue from the chamber with gun-cleaning patches moistened with oil.

Swab the frame guides, the interior and exterior of the slide, the recoil spring and the guide with gun-cleaning patches moistened with oil. Then lightly lubricate these surfaces with clean gun oil.

Lubricate the barrel bore and chamber lightly with gun oil. Blot away any excess lubricant with a clean gun-cleaning patch.

Reassemble the P229.

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