How to Clean a Sig Sauer P226

by Jennifer Young ; Updated April 12, 2017

Instructions for cleaning a Sig Sauer P226

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The Sig Sauer P226 is a model in the Sig Sauer pistol line. This particular pistol was specially designed for the United States Army, but it is carried by United States Navy SEALs and Texas Rangers. The pistol is also used by other groups of elite military and law enforcement professionals. There are 16 models of the P226 available which vary in finish, materials and design features. Instructions for cleaning the P226 are identical for each of the available models.

  1. Confirm that the pistol is unloaded and that the magazine is removed.

  2. Retract the slide until it stops and engage the slide catch lever.

  3. Rotate the take-down lever clockwise until it reaches the 6 o'clock position.

  4. Move the slide, barrel, recoil spring and guide as one unit forward and off the frame.

  5. Push the recoil spring guide forward and remove it by lifting the spring and guide from the rear.

  6. Grasp the magazine and depress the insert with a cleaning rod. Push the floor plate forward until it clears the tube.

  7. Remove the magazine follower and spring from the tube.

  8. Apply gun oil to the cleaning brush and insert the brush into the barrel from the chamber end. Move the brush in and out of the barrel to ensure even and thorough lubrication and cleaning.

  9. Remove powder residue and oil from the barrel bore and chamber using the cleaning patches attached to the cleaning rod. Multiple patches may be needed to remove all residue and oil.

  10. Reapply oil to the brush and clean the exterior of the barrel.

  11. Clean dirt from the frame guides, inside and outside of the slide, the recoil spring guide and the recoil spring with a brush or cleaning patch. Multiple cleaning patches may be needed to remove all dirt.

  12. Apply oil to a cleaning cloth and lubricate the frame guides, inside and outside of the slide, the recoil spring guide and the recoil spring.

  13. Oil the bore of the barrel and the chamber.

  14. Remove excess oil from all gun components with an unused, non-oiled cleaning cloth.

  15. Reassemble the pistol by following steps 1 through 7 in reverse order.

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