How to Clean a Ruger .22 Pistol

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The Ruger .22 line of target pistols are some of the more unique-looking handguns designed by the weapons manufacturer. The Ruger MK I-III are all modeled after the old German Luger, and bear more than a simple passing resemblance to the older handgun. Cleaning a Ruger .22 is a relatively simple process--although unlike most modern pistols, it cannot be done properly until the pistol has been disassembled into its component parts. Fortunately, this is not an especially difficult operation to undertake.

Items you will need

  • Flat-bladed screwdriver

  • Gun solvent

  • Bore brush

  • Clean cloth or rag

  • Cloth swatches

  • Cleaning rod

  • Gun oil

Disassembling the Ruger

Step 1

Eject the magazine from the handle of the Ruger, then pull the slide action back several times to make sure there are no shells in the firing chamber. Ensuring that your weapon is unloaded must be the first step whenever you are working with any type of firearm.

Step 2

Use your flat-bladed screwdriver to pry the small lever on the back of the Ruger's handle up, then pull it backwards to detach the piece from the pistol.

Step 3

Remove the barrel and slide from the frame, and set the frame down on a clean towel or old newspaper. It should come off with just a little bit of pressure and a little jiggling back and forth.

Step 4

Pull the bolt out of the back of the barrel, then remove the spring from the bolt and set all three pieces down onto the clean towel.

Cleaning the Ruger

Step 1

Dip your bore brush in cleaning solvent and run it through the barrel several times, twisting the brush and working it back and forth as you go to dislodge any carbon buildup or other particulates.

Step 2

Use your cleaning rod to shove several clean cloth swatches through the barrel after you have scrubbed it. Continue doing this until the swatches come out clean and dry. A large Q-Tip may also be used to help get the hard-to-reach areas.

Step 3

Apply gun solvent to your clean cloth or rag and wipe down the outside of the barrel, followed by the bolt and the spring. Be careful when cleaning your spring that you do not bend or crimp the weaker metal.

Step 4

Place the spring mechanism back in the bolt and apply several drops of gun oil along them both. It is important to lubricate all your pistol's moving parts to ensure they operate smoothly, and to help guard against rust or corrosion.

Step 5

Lubricate the frame where the bolt assembly slides along the rails, and then apply a small amount of gun oil to a clean cloth or rag and lubricate the inside of the firing chamber as well.

Step 6

Wipe down the exterior metal portions of the Ruger, then re-assemble the weapon.