How to Clean a Raven Arms MP-25 Pistol

How to Clean a Raven Arms MP-25 Pistol

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The MP-25 .25 caliber pistol was the first weapon designed by the Raven Arms weapons company, and was created in response to a federal law prohibiting the importation of inexpensive firearms from overseas. The MP-25 is a smaller weapon designed for personal defense or as a secondary--or even tertiary--firearm. It is also a simple weapon, able to be broken down for cleaning quickly and easily, needing only a pen--or similar implement--for the completion of the task.

Items you will need

  • Ball-point pen

  • Gun solvent

  • Gun oil

  • Soft cloths

  • Cloth swatches

  • Wire brush

Step 1

Eject the magazine from the MP-25 and rack the slide action back to eject the bullet that might be loaded into the firing chamber. Unloading the gun is always the first step that should be taken whenever you are working on any type of firearm.

Step 2

Locate the break-down button on the back of the gun. It is a round push-in button located in the center of the slide.

Step 3

Push the button in with the butt-end of your ballpoint pen, then lift the slide up and off of the main gun frame.

Step 4

Apply the gun solvent to a cloth swatch and push it through the barrel with your wire brush. Do this twice to fully coat the inside of the barrel with solvent, then let it soak for a minute to break up any dirt or grime.

Step 5

Apply more solvent to your soft cloth and rub down all the metal parts of the gun--including the inside and outside of the slide. Use a second cloth to dry off the solvent after letting it soak for a few seconds.

Step 6

Push several clean cloth swatches through the barrel with your wire brush to dry off the gun solvent. Keep running the swatches through until they come out dry and clean.

Step 7

Apply gun oil to another cloth swatch and run this one through the barrel. The metal parts of the MP-25 need to be oiled to prevent rusting and corrosion. Run two or three oil-soaked swatches through the barrel to ensure that it is completely coated.

Step 8

Apply gun oil to a soft cloth and lubricate all the metal parts of the MP-25.

Step 9

Place the slide back on the frame of the MP-25 and push the button back in with your pen. Press the slide down until it clicks back into place.

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