How to Clean a Glock 26

How to Clean a Glock 26

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Glock handguns are manufactured by Glock GbmH in Austria. Used by law enforcement, military and government agencies around the world, Glock handguns are prized for their reliability and simplicity of operation. The Glock 26 is also referred to as the baby Glock due to its relative size in comparison to other Glock models. Designed for concealed carry, the Glock 26 is popular among many gun owners. Owners will need to periodically clean their Glock 26 to ensure its continued operation.

Items you will need

  • Glock 26

  • Cleaning rod and attachment

  • Nylon stiff bristle brush

  • Cleaning patches

  • Powder solvent

  • Gun lubricant

Step 1

Unload your Glock model 26. This involves removing the magazine, pulling back the slide to eject any rounds and inspecting the gun to make sure it is not loaded. Place the magazine and ammunition in a separate room until you are finished cleaning.

Step 2

Check the Glock once again to make sure it is unloaded. Point the Glock toward a safe back stop and pull the trigger. This is necessary to release pressure from the firing pin and must be done to disassemble the gun.

Step 3

Locate the small lever on the side of the gun used to disassemble the slide from the frame. The lever is located just below the slide. Pull the slide back slightly so that the lever may be pulled downward. Allow the slide to move forward off the frame of the Glock. Turn the slide upside down and remove the recoil spring and barrel. Slightly compress the spring to make removal easier.

Step 4

Clean the barrel of the Glock with a pistol cleaning rod. Attach a patch tip and a new cleaning patch to the rod. Dip the patch in powder solvent and run the patch completely through the barrel.

Step 5

Change the patch and continue to swab out the barrel until a patch runs through cleanly. Apply a small amount of powder solvent to a clean patch and wipe down the ends of the barrel and inside of the slide assembly. Wipe the areas clean with a new patch.

Step 6

Scrub any areas of stubborn powder residue with a nylon stiff bristle brush. Wipe away removed residue with a cleaning patch. Also remove any residue from the frame of the Glock.

Step 7

Apply a quality gun lubricant to the spring and exterior of the barrel and slide assembly. Run a patch through the barrel, coated with gun lubricant.

Step 8

Reassemble the barrel and spring into the slide. Align the back of the slide with the slide rails at the front of the gun's frame. Pull the slide back until it slides past the release lever and locks into place.

Step 9

Wipe down the exterior of the slide with gun lubricant to remove any fingerprints, powder residue or powder solvent.


  • Make sure the gun is completely unloaded before beginning.


  • Use a quality gun lubricant. Apply sparingly to provide a coating that will protect yet not interfere with operating.
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