How to Clean Gamo Air Rifles

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Gamo air guns are used for various shooting activities, from backyard target practice to vermin and pest control. Gamo offers both air rifles and air pistols, both of which need to be cleaned regularly. Properly maintaining an air rifle can help to prolong the effectiveness and functionality of the gun.

Items you will need

  • Synthetic air gun oil

  • 2 Rags

  • Stiff bristle brush

  • Cleaning rod

  • Cleaning patch

Open the breech of the Gamo air rifle to determine if it is loaded. Remove any pellets. Point the barrel of the gun in a safe direction and pull the trigger to release cocked pressure on the mainspring.

Inspect the breech for signs of damage. Apply a few drops of synthetic air gun oil to the breech. Spread the oil with a rag and scrub to remove lead accumulations left in the breech by pellets. Use a stiff bristle brush to dislodge any remaining lead accumulations.

Locate the mainspring inside the spring housing to determine if it is accessible. The mainspring compresses the spring when you cock the rifle, thus providing power during shooting. Apply a few drops of synthetic oil to the mainspring if possible.

Locate pivot points including the barrel break actions. Wipe excess or old lubricant from the pivot points with a rag and apply a few drops of synthetic oil. Move the pivot points back and forth several times to disperse the oil.

Place a cleaning patch on the end of a small-diameter air gun cleaning rod. Run the cleaning rod down and out of the rifle barrel to remove any dirt, debris or lead accumulations from pellets.

Apply a thin coat of oil to the entire surface of the Gamo air rifle and wipe with a rag to eliminate moisture and provide a protective barrier during storage.

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