How to Clean the Bersa .22 LR

Bersa's FireStorm series is chambered in .22 Long Rifle and .380 caliber. Manufactured in Argentina, these are compact, double-action/single-action semiautomatic handguns of all-metallic construction. The FireStorm .22 Long Rifle is built on an aluminum alloy frame and has a stamped steel slide. Its wraparound rubber grips are anatomically designed for comfort and control. The magazine holds 10 rounds and also provides an extended finger rest below the grip when installed. Dimensions of the FireStorm .22 Long Rifle are 6.6 inches long, 4.7 inches high and 1.3 inches wide. It weighs 18.9 ounces. For routine cleaning and lubrication, this handgun must be field-stripped.

Remove the magazine. Point the gun in a safe direction. Pull the slide open and visually ascertain that no rounds are in the chamber or in the magazine well.

Pull the slide all the way back to its first catch. Push the disassembly switch just ahead of the trigger on the right side of the gun to release the catch. Pull the slide back to the disassembly notch and lift up the rear of the slide.

Raise the rear of the slide and push forward slightly to compress the recoil spring. Remove the slide and barrel from the frame slowly to decompress the spring.

Clean the bore using a handgun cleaning rod and patches lightly wetted with gun cleaning solvent. Run patches through the bore until they emerge without discoloration.

Swab residue from the barrel assembly, the slide frame and the slide using handgun cleaning patches lightly wetted with gun cleaning solvent. Clean the bolt face where the firing pin protrudes with patches and solvent. Use a small gun cleaning bristle brush to remove residue from the bolt face if necessary.

Lightly wet a gun cleaning patch with gun oil and run it through the bore. Lightly lubricate all external surfaces, the recoil spring and the slide frame. Wipe away excess oil with clean patches before reassembly.

Place the recoil spring around the barrel and place the barrel assembly in the slide. Place the slide on the slide rails and push the disassembly switch to unlock the catch. Push the slide past the catch, release the disassembly switch, then push the slide all the way forward until it is fully mounted on the gun.


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