How to Clean a BB Gun

Keeping your BB gun clean is an essential part of making sure the gun always has accurate aim. The inside barrel of a BB gun can build up quite a bit of dirt and grime on the inside, which can cause your shot to break to a specific direction, missing your target.

Place your BB gun in a vise grip. You could try cleaning it while holding it, but the process will take longer and be more difficult. Placing the gun in the vise grip will allow you to keep your hands free, so that you can get the cleaning done much faster.

Take a piece of fishing line and make a "pull through." This is done by taking the piece of fishing line, doubling it and tying it into a loop. Make sure the loop is longer than the barrel of the gun.

Open the breech of your BB gun. Take your pull through, put it through the breech and feed it through the barrel of the gun.

Tie a piece of string to the loop of your pull through. Again, make sure that the piece of string you are using is longer than the gun barrel. Make sure that you tie the string to the pull through at the breech end of the gun.

Place an old, worn-out rag under the breech to keep it from getting soaked with excess solvent. Make sure the cloth is dry and clean.

Wet a cotton patch with solvent and place it in the loop of the pull through. It is important to make sure that the type of solvent you are using is not flammable. If it is not, you run the risk of the gun igniting when you use it. Also, make sure not to soak the cotton too heavily with the solvent.

Pull the pull through through the barrel of the gun all the way to the end of the muzzle. Take the used cotton patch out of the pull through and put the pull through all the way back to the breech. Repeat the process with clean cotton patches until the barrel is clean.


  • Take some rust-prevention spray and wipe down all the metal surfaces of your BB gun. This will help protect the barrel and other parts of the gun from rusting.

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