How to Chum for Catfish With Dog Food

How to Chum for Catfish With Dog Food

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Catfish are a favorite freshwater game fish for many anglers throughout the United States. Anglers use a variety of baits, including live baitfish, livers and soured stink bait, to attract and catch catfish varieties such as channel and flathead. Before the first baited line is cast into the water, some anglers prefer to chum the water to draw catfish in to a particular area.

Items you will need

  • Dry dog food

Choose a location that is conducive to catfish holding or feeding in a river, lake or pond. Look for deep bank undercuts in a river or holes along a man-made or natural bank.

Open a bag of dry dog food. Choose an inexpensive brand for chumming. Select a dry food that forms a gravy when mixed with water, as this will disperse well in the water for extra attractant.

Toss the dry dog food onto the water at least 30 minutes prior to your desired fishing time. Disperse the dog food across the surface of the water instead of all in one spot.

Allow the food to dissolve and disperse with the water current. Watch for bluegill and sunfish to enter the area as a sign the scent is traveling through the water.

Watch for catfish to swirl in the water as they feed on the dog food. Cast your line with baited hook into the water and allow the bait to move with the water current as the dog food is doing.

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