How to Check the Oil in a Kawasaki Bayou

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The Kawasaki Bayou is a popular two-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle. Its maintenance is similar to that of other ATV models with one important exception: How you check the oil level is unique to this ATV. If you don't know where to look, you'll be at a loss.

Items you will need

  • Rag

  • 5/70 oil (2 qts. maximum)

Park your Bayou on level ground. If you have been riding it, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the engine oil to settle down into the crankcase.

Locate the crankcase from the left side of the ATV--your left, as if you were sitting on the Bayou and getting set to ride. The crankcase is the metal boxlike structure in the engine with fins molded into it.

Find the oil check window on the crankcase. The window is near the rear of the crankcase toward the bottom.

Clean the window with a rag if necessary and look at the oil level. The oil should be in the middle of the "add" and "full" markings. If your entire window is black, then you have too much oil in the engine. If the window appears gray, then you have a dangerously low amount of oil and should add it immediately.


  • Never run an engine when it is low on oil. Oil helps to cool the engine as it works and if there is not enough, the engine eventually will overheat and crack the crankcase or freeze the pistons, ruining the engine.


  • If the oil is low, add some 5/70 oil until the level in the window is in the middle of the "add" and "full" marks. Add oil a little at a time and check the level. The Kawasaki Bayou takes a maximum of 2 qts.
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