How to Change the Water Pump on a Suzuki Outboard

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The water pump on your Suzuki Outboard motor is designed to cycle water through the motor in order to keep it cool while it is running. But it can also pull sand and small shells into the water pump, which can damage the impeller, requiring the pump to need to be replaced. Suzuki uses a stainless steel impeller shaft to prevent corrosion in the engine from sea water. The Suzuki outboard motor is easy to repair and changing the water pump is a fairly simple process that you can complete in an hour or two, saving you the expense of paying someone else do it for you.

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench set

  • Screwdriver

  • Liquid wrench

  • Water pump kit for Suzuki Outboard

How to Change the Water Pump on a Suzuki Outboard

Detach the lower section of your Suzuki Outboard motor from the top by unfastening the four bolts underneath the top of the motor with a socket wrench. Slowly pull the two sections apart and set the upper motor aside.

Remove the screws on the top of the lower section of the outboard motor with a screwdriver and then locate the pin on the side of the stainless steel shaft. Remove the pin and lift the cover off the shaft (see tips section below for more information).

Lift the metal washer off the stainless steel shaft that sits on top of the impeller and then slide the impeller up off the shaft. Locate the gaskets that sit on top of the pump and remove them from the motor.

Replace the parts that you took off the outboard motor by installing the water pump repair kit. Place the gaskets back over the water pump the same way they came out and slide the new impeller down the shaft.

Place the new metal washer over the top of the impeller and put the cover back over the section of the motor. Reattach the pin to the stainless steel rod and fasten the cover with the screws.

Insert the stainless steel rod back into the top section of the motor and attach the top to the lower section by securing the 4 bolts.


  • Sometimes the pin will get stuck or become hard to remove due to salt water corrosion. When this happens, use some liquid wrench to loosen the pin.
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