How to Change the Awning Tension on Carefree of Colorado Awnings

How to Change the Awning Tension on Carefree of Colorado Awnings

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Carefree of Colorado sells a full line of awnings and awning accessories suitable for any RV. You or your mechanic can install a new awning, replace worn fabric on your old awning and add shade for a window or protection for a slide.

About Carefree

Carefree of Colorado deals exclusively in new, aftermarket and replacement awnings for RVs and homes. Available in manual or electric designs, the awnings come in widths up to 25 feet and heights as tall as 8 feet. Customers choose from multiple fabrics and colors, and three waterproofing options are available. Carefree sells traditional patio awnings, the most commonly seen on RVs and travel trailers. They provide shade and shelter for a large area next to the rig. Companion awnings shade windows and doors, and slideout covers keep dirt and debris out of the workings of an RV’s sliding extensions.

The company also sells screen rooms, visors that control the amount of light that enters a trailer and accessories like awning extensions, ground blankets and LED light sets.

Carefree of Colorado Service Manuals and Tips

All of Carefree of Colorado’s installation, owners and service manuals are online, so if you decide to alter, repair or replace your awnings, instructions and resources are readily available.

Keep in mind that repairs or replacements that require exposing the springs can be dangerous. Springs under tension unwind rapidly when released. Wear eye protection and heavy gloves. Make sure no one in the immediate area is in danger of the potential harm posed by a flying spring.

Allowing water to pool on awnings in heavy rain increases the risk of fabric sag. If you’re camping and notice the awnings filling with water, slowly retract them so the water rolls off before the awning is completely retracted. If the wind is high, retract the awnings and secure them as you would for travel.

General Instructions for Changing the Tension on a Patio Awning

Changing the tension on manual, rather than electric, patio awnings with standard support arms is relatively simple, but the job is made easier with an extra set of hands. If the support arms that hold the roller bar are attached to the side of the RV or trailer, find the screws that hold them in place and unscrew them. Support the roller bar — the part of the assembly that holds the awning when it’s retracted — at its center with a 6-foot ladder or other suitable device. Have your assistant hold and steady the support bar you’re not working with. Rotate the support bar one turn to tighten the spring. Repeat the process on the other support bar, and reattach the support bars to the RV body with the screws. If the support bars are free-standing, simply rotate them to tension the spring. Don’t over-tighten them, and make sure to rotate the arms the same number of times on each bar.

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