How to Change the Start Button on a Seadoo Ski

by Andrea Walk

Unlike many all terrain vehicles and motorcycles which are started by key, the Sea-Doo personal water craft uses a start/stop button that is connected to the starter. The button, which is mounted on the left handlebar, sends a signal through the cable that runs to the Sea-Doo's starter. The electric starter button can wear out or short out over time. If it does, the Sea-Doo will not start. Replacing the start/stop button takes about an hour.

  1. Remove the Sea-Doo's battery negative battery cable using the socket set.

  2. Slide the left hand grip off the Sea-Doo handle bar.

  3. Slide the hard rubber starter cover off the handlebar.

  4. Unplug the old start button from the small plastic wiring harness and remove the single retaining screw using a screwdriver. Set the new starter button in place and insert the retaining screw and tighten it.

  5. Plug the new start button into the plastic wiring harness and then slide the start button cover back in place on the handle bar.

  6. Replace the Sea-Doo's rubber hand grip and the negative battery cable.

Items you will need

  • Socket set
  • Allen wrench

About the Author

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