How to Change a PX4 Front Sight

by Jeremiah Blanchard
Install a Slide Cover Plate on a Glock

Install a Slide Cover Plate on a Glock

The Beretta PX4 Storm is among the leading class of self-defense pistols for both private citizens and law enforcement, according to the manufacturer. The pistol incorporates a reinforced-fiberglass techno-polymer frame that is both extremely durable and ultra-lightweight. The front and rear sights are both set in via a dovetail groove. Both the front and rear sight can be removed for replacement. Replacing the front sight requires only a few basic gunsmith tools.


Unload the weapon completely. Remove the magazine and visually inspect the chamber to ensure no ammo is present.


Place the PX4 into a padded gun vise with the sights facing up.


Place a plastic drift onto the left side of the front sight.


Tap the sight out lightly by tapping the drift with the plastic tap-hammer.


Set the new sight into the dovetail cut at the left. Lightly tap the new sight into position with the drift and tap-hammer. Ensure that the sight is centered in the dovetail cut.

Items you will need

  • Padded gun vise
  • Plastic drift
  • Plastic tap hammer

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