How to Change the Oil & Filter on a Polaris RZR

by CJ Rena Johnson

Changing the oil and filter on Polaris Ranger RZR is one of the most important things in you can do for maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Oil & Filter Change Made Easy

  1. During the break-in period on a new Polaris RZR, the oil and filter both need changing after one month or 25 hours, whichever comes first. After the break-in period, they need to be changed every six months or 100 hours, again whichever comes first.

  2. The manufacturer-recommended oil to use in any Polaris 4-cycle engine is Polaris Premium 4 All Season Synthetic engine oil. This oil is made specifically for these engines. The part number for this oil is 2871281. You can purchase a kit from the dealership that includes both oil and filter.

    This is the only oil recommended by the manufacturer. However, you can use any 0W-40 API certified SH oil. However, using any oil other than the recommended one may require more frequent oil changes.

  3. Follow these steps when changing the oil: • Park securely on level ground with the transmission in PARK. • Start engine and allow it to idle for a couple of minutes. Then turn the engine off. • Clean the area around the drain plug, which is located on the bottom side of the crankcase. • Place a drain pan underneath this area and remove the drain plug. • Allow all the oil to drain out. • Put the sealing washer back on the drain plug and put it back on. Do NOT over-tighten the drain plug. Torque only to 16 foot-pounds. • Remove the filter using a cap-style oil filter wrench by turning the filter counterclockwise. • Clean the filter sealing surface with a clean, dry cloth. • Use a small amount of engine oil to lubricate the o-ring on the new filter. • Hand turn the new filter into place until the filter gasket contacts the sealing surface, then turn one-half turn more. • Remove both seats and then the rear service panel to access the dipstick. • Remove the dipstick and add two quarts of oil to sump. • Replace dipstick. • Start the engine and allow it to run for a couple of minutes. • Remove the dipstick and check the oil level as usual. • Add oil if necessary to bring it to the proper level.

Items you will need

  • 2 quarts oil
  • Oil filter
  • Oil wrench
  • Drain pan
  • Clean, dry cloth


  • Dispose of used oil and filter properly.


  • Oil may be hot, so use caution when draining out the old oil.


  • Polaris Ranger RZR Owners Manual

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