How to Change the Oil in a Bombardier DS 650

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The Bombardier DS 650 ATV featured a four-stroke one cylinder engine, with a five speed manual transmission. The engine and transmission share the same reservoir for the oil. Oil lubricates the engine and transmission’s internal moving components; over time, the oil starts to break down and loses viscosity causing wear. Under the maintenance guide the oil and oil filter requires changing every 50 hours or 1600 miles. Changing the oil takes 15 minutes to complete.

    Park the ATV on a hard level surface. Set the parking brake and remove the key from the ignition.

    Remove the oil dipstick from the left hand side of the ATV in front of the handlebars. This will allow the oil to flow freely out of the engine. Under the ATV is a safety guard with a small cut out portion with a bolt sticking out. The bolt is the oil drain plug.

    Wipe any dirt or build around the oil drain plug with the paper towel. Place the oil pan on the ground directly under the oil drain plug. Remove the oil drain plug with the socket and wrench. Allow enough time for the oil to completely drain.

    Twist off the oil filter cap on the right hand side of the engine. Pull out the old filter and replace with a new filter. Twist back on the oil filter cap. Wipe off any oil residue around the work area.

    Check the O-ring on the oil drain plug, if cracked or broken replace. Reinstall the oil drain plug. Place the funnel in the dipstick hole. Fill with 3.2 quarts of 5W40 synthetic oil. Remove the funnel, insert the dipstick, and screw all the way in. Remove the dipstick and check the oil level, the oil should be near or on the upper full mark.

    Start the engine and let run for two minute. Check if the red indicator lights up on the dash, if so, shut off the engine and remove the oil filter and bleeding screw. Reinstall oil filter and bleeding screw and start the engine again. This is to get any air out of the filter system.

    Items you will need

    • Oil pan

    • Socket set

    • Paper towel

    • Funnel

    • 5W40 Synthetic oil


    • Do not overfill the ATV with oil , it may cause internal engine damage.

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