Is Cedar Good Firewood?

Is Cedar Good Firewood?

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Whether it is in a fireplace, an outdoor fire pit or a campfire, it is important to know what firewood is being burned. Not all firewood is created equal, and understanding the differences can help you make better choices.


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Cedar has several varieties including, white, western red and eastern red. This evergreen conifer is common in most of the United States.

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While cedar is easily available for use in a fire, most commercially sold cedar is in the form of planks. It is a highly desired wood for outdoor projects.


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Being a softwood, cedar does not require a lot of effort to split and burns rather easily. The smoke created from burning cedar is about average.


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Cedar has resins that give a nice aroma when burning. When used properly, a fire made from cedar wood is great for cooking.


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The natural oils and resins in cedar can make it pop and spark quite a bit. The heat generated by a cedar wood fire is medium to low. These are a couple of reasons that cedar wood is a less than optimal choice for firewood.

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