How to Catch a Carp

Many people will have their own ideas on the best way to catch carp. Here is one of the easiest.

Set up your fishing rod, complete with hook, bobber and weight.

Throw a handful of corn out into the water.

Put two or three pieces of corn on your hook and throw it into the water around the area where the corn is floating.

Be very still and wait. You may have to wait for 10 or 15 minutes to get a bite. The carp are probably waiting and watching to see if it is a trick. Once they are comfortable they will start biting at the corn.

When you feel the tug on your line, quickly pull your rod straight up.

Don't let the line go slack. Keep tension on the line at all times. If you let the line slack the carp may spit out the hook.

After you have wrestled with the carp for a few minutes, he will get tired. Reel him in.