How to Carry Eggs on a Camping Trip

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Waking up to a protein-rich hearty breakfast that includes fresh eggs can give you the stamina needed for the day's adventure. Eggs contain essential amino acids needed by the human body, as well as a bevy of vitamins and minerals. While plastic egg carriers are readily available at most camping supply stores, sometimes the eggs don't fit exactly, leading to cracking or breakage. The container also takes up space in your pack or kitchen box, even when the eggs are gone. Packing the eggs into dried grain keeps them from moving around and breaking.

Doing Double Duty

Eggs need no refrigeration for up to two months, provided they are farm-fresh and unwashed. One of the easiest ways to carry fresh eggs on a camping trip is to pack them in dry rice or another grain in a wide-mouth BPA-free water container. Smaller eggs allow you to fit more into the container and usually have a thicker shell. Gently fit eggs into the container and pour the rice on top to surround each one. Shake gently from side to side and roll the container around slightly to distribute the rice all around the eggs. Fill with rice to the top.