How to Care for Trampolines in the Winter

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It seems that all the backyard fun goes away when the weather turns cold. The ground covers with snow, the crisp air nips at your nose and the sun begins setting earlier and earlier. But all-weather trampolines can be left out and used during the winter, as long as you can bear the low temperatures.

From the Center, Out

Some people choose to jump in the snow and others even train for skiing or snowboarding on their trampoline during the winter months. If you have a rust-free, all-weather trampoline, simply wipe off the snow with a broom, sticking the broom onto the center of the jumping surface and pulling it towards you. Do not use hard tools like a shovel or you could damage the trampoline. If the trampoline will remain unused during the winter, purchase and install a trampoline cover or disassemble and store it. Remove the jumping surface mat, springs, rail pads and safety enclosure netting. Take apart pieces of the frame, leaving as many poles intact as possible. Store in a shed, basement or storage unit.


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