Where Can I Purchase Live Walleye Fingerlings for Stocking My Pond?

••• walleye image by Elena Vdovina from Fotolia.com

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Walleye are freshwater game fish most commonly stocked in ponds with relatively cold climates. They are named for their eyes, which readily reflect the light from anglers' flashlights at night. Walleye fingerlings can be purchased in most parts of the country.

Fish Stockers

Contact local fish-stocking companies that hatch, raise and stock walleyes. Many lake-management companies have access and contacts in the industry and will be a productive place to start.

Fish Farms

Fish farms are your best bet when getting the best deal on fingerlings, as you cut out the middle man. Since you're going directly to the grower, you'll need to be able to haul them back to the pond. Be prepared with bait tank and portable aerator.

Fish and Game Commissions

Check with your local fish and game or wildlife commissions and find out if they stock or sell walleye fingerlings. If not, they'll be able to point you in the right direction.