Can You Use Deep-Cycle Marine Batteries in a Golf Cart?

Can You Use Deep-Cycle Marine Batteries in a Golf Cart?

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Electric golf carts are used on golf courses all across the country. Electric golf carts normally use six, 6-volt batteries to supply power. These batteries supply enough power for the golf cart to be used for an entire 18-hole round of golf. Golf carts can be modified to use 12-volt marine deep-cycle batteries, but this modification would not provide nearly the battery life as golf cart batteries.


Archaeologists have found early batteries dating back to 250 B.C. Most historians believe these batteries were used for electroplating similar to the process used today to plate silver on silverware. Batteries were gradually improved and in 1951 the first batteries were used in electric golf carts. Golf carts used today are very similar to this original golf cart.


Golf cart batteries usually are used in banks of six batteries stored under the golf cart seat. These batteries are charged with a charger prior to each use. The batteries supply power to an electric motor that drives the golf cart. The best golf cart batteries can provide more than a thousand rounds of golf before they need to be replaced.


Batteries used in vehicles are produced in three types. Starting batteries are the common battery used in automobiles. These batteries are designed to give very high output for short periods of time. Deep-cycle batteries are the second type of battery. These batteries are designed to be fully discharged time and again. Golf cart batteries are similar to true deep-cycle batteries with the exception that some cost-cutting measures are taken to keep the batteries affordable. Marine deep-cycle batteries are the third type of battery. These batteries usually have even more cost-cutting measures taken than golf cart batteries and are therefore not recommended as golf cart battery replacements.


Golf cart batteries are produced as 6-volt batteries. Marine deep-cycle batteries are produced as 12 Volt batteries. The 6-volt golf cart battery is nearly as large as a marine deep-cycle battery producing 12 volts. This is due to the fact that the golf cart battery is better produced and uses larger lead plates. Connecting three, 12-volt marine deep-cycle batteries would produce the same voltage as connecting six, 6-volt golf batteries. The Marine batteries would decay faster due to the fact that they are built with inferior lead plates.


Some feel that all deep-cycle batteries are the same. This is untrue because different style deep-cycle batteries are produced using different materials and are designed for different reasons. The deep-cycle golf cart battery is designed to be discharged deeper than a marine deep-cycle battery. For example, the golf cart battery can be discharged up to 80 percent of its capacity on a regular basis without being damaged. The marine deep-cycle battery should only be discharged to 50 percent of its capacity.

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