How to Build a Pyramid Wild Rabbit Trap

••• rabbit image by Han van Vonno from Fotolia.com

A wild rabbit rummaging through your garden can damage your crops, turning your recreational hobby into a frustrating endeavor. Trapping the rabbit allows you to remove it; however, many traps can also injure the rabbit. A pyramid trap falls down over the rabbit without harming it, while securing the rabbit in place where it cannot get away. Once caught, you can call animal services to come and safely remove the animal from the area.

Cut six pieces of slat, 18 inches long each.

Lay two slats flat with their outer edges 18 inches apart, then lay two slats atop them so that a square shape is formed when looked at from above. Secure in place with nails.

Lay the remaining two slats atop the second pair, aligned parallel to the first pair but 1 inch in from each end and secure with nails.

Cut four slats 16 inches long each, and secure two atop the pyramid parallel to the second row of slats, but 1 inch in from each edge of the pieces the slats are nailed to.

Attach the remaining 16-inch slats perpendicular to the first set of 16-inch slats and 1 inch in from each edge.

Repeat for four 14-inch slats, then four 12-inch slats. The open end of the pyramid will now feature a pair of 12-inch slats with their outer edges 10 inches apart.

Cut three slats 10 inches long, and nail them atop the final set of 12-inch slats, with a slat 1 inch in from each edge of the slats being secured to and the third slat centered between the outer slats.

Lean the pyramid atop one of the twigs, with the twig centered along one 18-inch-long side.

Lay a pile of bait on the ground underneath the leaning pyramid. Brussels sprouts, lettuce, carrots and apples make excellent rabbit bait.

Place one end of the second twig in the middle of the bait, then carefully lift the pyramid while holding up the first twig, and position the end of the second twig between the pyramid trap and the first twig. When the rabbit eats the bait, it will knock over the second twig, causing the trap to fall.


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