How to Build a Kayak Launching Ramp

How to Build a Kayak Launching Ramp

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Launching a kayak from a regular boat dock can be a difficult process, even for the experienced paddler. Make the process easier with a specially designed launching platform that can either be attached to your existing structure or serve as a standalone installation.

These modular floating docks come in kits, such as the EZ Launch system sold by EZ Dock. These kits are designed to work with pretty much any type of dock you might be facing, and they include all the necessary parts and tools for a quick and effective solution to the difficulty of launching a kayak.

Once you've secured your kayak modular floating dock, here's how to put it into action:

    Connect the high density polyethylene cubes to the sloped ramps. This will help you create a level middle section where you'll be able to rest your kayak, and slopes on either end of the level section to use for launching and docking activities.

    Your Kayak Dock or EZ Launch system should include some hardware for attaching the padded rollers to the polyethylene structure you just built. Fish out this hardware and attach the rollers to the structure.

    If you're in an area with concrete sea walls or pilings, you'll want to use a Tide Manager to connect the Kayak Dock. If you aren't facing any obstructions on your current dock's pilings, you can use Tide Minder to make the connection. After the Kayak Dock is connected to the pre-existing dock, they both should float up and down in sync with each other.

    If your kayak is too big and requires additional lanes for launching or storage, you can add those lanes as required here. When your kayak isn't in use, you can invert it and tie it onto the Kayack dock or EZ Launch.

    Finally, you'll want to attach the aluminum frame. This frame provides handholds to help you get in and out of the kayak, as well as launch and dock it. Attach this frame to the floating EZ launch structure using the adjustable wrench.

    Items you will need

    • High density polyethylene cubes

    • Sloped polyethylene ramps

    • Oversized padded rollers

    • Modular kayak dock or EZ Launch system

    • Tide Manager or Tide Minder kits

    • Aluminum hand rails

    • Fender mooring system

    • Portable drill

    • Adjustable wrench


    • Confer with the manufacturer of your kayak docking system to ensure that the modular system you choose meets the safety and performance requirements for your area and on your watercourse.

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