How to Build Gun Vault in the Basement

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With the increased awareness in gun safety protocols and regulations there is a need for a quality-constructed gun vault. This is to ensure that safety is a top priority in homes containing a variety of firearms and weapons. You can construct a quality vault to house your firearms, ammunition, and accessories in a safe place, free from the hands of unwanted users and intruders. Building in the basement means you will be able to include a safe room, if you choose.

Items you will need

  • Cinder Blocks Mortar Trowel Plum Line Tape Measure Rebar Portland cement Vault Door (Pre-made) Drill with 1/2" & 1" Bits

Construct a wall of interlocking cinder blocks according to mason's standards so that you have a three walled enclosure which is reinforced in three areas with rebar and poured Portland cement. Remember to set each layer of blocks with equal amounts of mortar so that it remains plum and level until you reach the height you require. Complete the ceiling of the enclosure by pouring cement as the structure's roof.

Drill through the roof of the enclosure to allow air to circulate within the room with the door closed. You must allow the concrete ceiling to cure prior to completing this task. Because this room will be used for personal protection as well, a constant supply of air is needed in order to use this basement gun vault for that purpose.

Attach the pre-made gun vault door to the front opening of your safe room gun vault. A purchased gun vault door will ensure that you have an adequate locking and release mechanism to protect what needs to be protected. Most gun vault doors are attached using hardware that is supplied by the dealer. Use your tools to complete the process of sealing the enclosure with these easy to install doors.

Build one corner of the room into a separate space to house the weapons. By adding one or two columns of cinder blocks up one corner of the room, you will have made a nice enclosure for all the weapons you plan to house. You may want to use the entire space for housing weapons as well. However, if used as a safe room, this additional storage space will help protect the people inside from the weapons that are also there.

Guns, money, valuables, even medications and jewelry can now be stored safely in this enclosed gun vault/safe room. Now you can feel better about having the right protection for your weapons, goods and persons.


  • Mixing concrete mixtures can be hazardous to your health. Avoid prolonged exposure to dust and sand products. Always wear protective clothing, boots and safety glasses when working with industrial products.


  • Use the proper cement/concrete mixture to build your cinder block enclosure. The mortar you use will determine the durability and strength of your gun vault/safe room from damage. Keep a supply of battery-operated lights for your gun vault. Unless you hard-wire this room there will be no light. Separate the guns from the people inside the vault. Construct a framed enclosure in one corner of the vault to house all weapons and ammunition.