How to Build a Floating Turtle Trap

While turtle meat is not an option you find on your everyday restaurant menu, there are many delicious recipes which utilize the shelled lake-dwellers. Catching turtles can be difficult, as they are able to snap through most standard fishing gear, but a trap can be rigged to catch a turtle without allowing it to escape.

Cut a 12 inch piece of metal wire.

Thread the wire through the eye of the hook about two inches, and wrap the two inches of wire around the top of the hook repeatedly to hold it in place.

Create a small loop on the other end of the wire, about two inches from the top, and wrap the extra wire on this end around the wire itself to secure the loop.

Cut a piece of string long enough to allow the hook to sink below the surface, but not so long that it will be dragging on the bottom of the lake.

Tie one end of the string to the loop of wire, and the other end tightly around the neck of the soda bottle.

Bait the hook with the tough meat. Tough meat is essential, as tender meat will not force the turtle to bite hard enough for the hook to set, allowing the turtle to escape.

Cast the soda bottle out into the lake and allow it to float free around the lake, or use a second portion of string to tie the soda bottle to a static object on the shore or in the lake for a more localized trap.