How to Build a Deer Stand

Building a deer stand can give a hunter a few advantages, including keeping human scent from the deer's nose, increasing the visible hunting area and staying out of the prey's sight. A deer stand can be built to make hunting more pleasant.

Check state and local laws on public land before building a stand. Most public areas allow for only temporary deer stands. If hunting on private property, be sure to get permission from the landowner before installing a permanent stand.

Find a site with deer activity. It won't do any good to go deer hunting in an area where there are no deer.

Choose a tree. The tree should be sturdy and healthy. Look for a notch created when two strong limbs form a "V" shape.

Build the platform of the deer stand on the ground. About 7 feet in width is a manageable size. Use four 2 x 6-inch boards for the frame of the platform. Make the flooring base by nailing 2 x 4 boards to the frame every 2 feet. These floor joists will run along the frame length. Create the frame and attach the platform to the tree using 16d galvanized nails.

Put flooring on the platform by using 1 x 6-inch boards. Spacing between these boards will allow for rain drainage and deter rotting longer. Use 10-penny nails to attach the floor boards only on the ends for flexibility.

Attach two beams on either side of the tree limbs to be used for bracing the platform. Hoist the platform with help from another person. Secure the platform to the bracing beams. Next, brace the platform corners to the back of the tree limb for additional support.

Attach a ladder to the platform, not the tree. If installing a railing, make it at least 2 feet in height.


  • Always use a harness or safety belt when using a deer stand.
  • Do not carry a loaded weapon into a tree stand. Load the weapon after reaching the platform.


  • Be sure to build the deer stand at least a month before deer-hunting season in order to not spook the deer.

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