How to Build a Boogie Board

How to Build a Boogie Board

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Boogie boarding is a water sport similar to surfing, although much easier to learn. Boogie boards are smaller and less expensive than surf boards. Additionally, rather than standing on the board as in surfing, boogie boarders lay on the board while riding the waves. As an easy and safe alternative to surfing, children and adults alike enjoy using boogie boards. Make your own boogie board to save some money.

Items you will need

  • Foam board/foam core 2 inches thick

  • Knife

  • Sandpaper

  • Spray paint

Measure from the ground to one inch below your belly button if you plan on riding small waves. For larger waves, measure from the ground to one inch above your belly button to find the length of your boogie board. Measure from your armpit to the edge of your palm, at the start of your fingers, to find the width of your boogie board.

Cut the foam into a rectangle with the knife using the measurements from Step One.

Round off the two front corners of the board with a knife.

Smooth the round front corners using sandpaper.

Cut off the front underside edge of the board to form a point on the front of the board.

Smooth the front pointed edge of the board using sandpaper.

Wipe the board clean with a dry rag, removing all loose foam pieces and dust.

Spray paint the board and allow it to dry. Spray paint the board again for a more vibrant result.

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