How to Bore-Sight a .22 Rifle

How to Bore-Sight a .22 Rifle

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The .22 Long Rifle, or .22 LR, is the world's most popular caliber. It is cheap to shoot and has very little recoil. A rifle chambered for the .22 LR is a great choice for a new shooter. It is also great for target shooting and hunting small game such as squirrel and rabbit. Like any rifle, one chambered for the .22 LR must be sighted in to determine where the bullets will hit at a given range. A laser bore sighter accelerates the sighting-in process, saving time and ammunition.

Items you will need

  • Rifle rest

  • Laser bore sighter kit

  • Screwdrivers

Step 1

Unload the magazine and check that there are no live rounds in the chamber.

Step 2

Lay the rifle on the rifle rest, pointed downrange at a target either 10 yards or 25 yards away. Remove the scope and set it aside.

Step 3

Attach the scope leveler (included in the kit) to one of the scope mounts. Tilt the rifle left or right until the bubble level on the scope leveler shows that the rifle is perfectly level. Remove the scope leveler, taking care not to move the rifle from its level position.

Step 4

Mount the scope to the rifle but leave the scope rings slightly so the scope can rotate side to side within the rings.

Step 5

Install the .22-caliber adapter to the bore sighter, then install the bore sighter into the muzzle of the rifle. Turn the bore sighter clockwise to tighten it.

Step 6

Install the scope leveler adapter to the end of the bore sighter, then install the scope leveler over the adapter. Adjust it so the bubble is level, then turn on the bore sighter. There will now be a perfectly level horizontal line projecting on the wall.

Step 7

Look through the scope and see where the scope's horizontal cross hairs line up in relation to the laser line. Rotate the scope until the cross hairs and laser line are parallel. Tighten the scope rings to the manufacturer's specifications.

Step 8

Remove the scope leveler and adapter from the front of the bore sighter. The bore sighter should now project a single dot.

Step 9

Use the scope's elevation and windage adjustments to move the cross hairs of the scope. If your target is 10 yards away, adjust the cross hairs so they are centered vertically and 2 inches above the dot. If your target is 25 yards away, adjust the cross hairs to coincide with the center of the dot.

Step 10

Remove the bore sighter. The scope is now bore-sighted, which will get shots on paper very close to the target. You fine-tune the scope at the range by firing at a target.

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