Boat Throttle Shift Control Assembly Instructions

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When you find you must install a boat's throttle and shift control assembly, your work will involve the driveshaft assembly --- not the one in the engine, the but one in the remote control assembly. You'll install the "detent," the bump you pull the shift and throttle handles over as you move between gears. You'll work with the throttle linkage and the throttle cam, so you will need to check the timing and idle after you're finished with the installation. Finally, you install the completed remote control unit on the dash or side of the boat.

Items you will need

  • 2 adjustable wrenches

  • Slotted screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

Step 1

Place the cable mounting plate on its support. Set the driveshaft, driveshaft plate and detent spacer into place as a single unit. Set the shield in place. Insert the two shield bolts into the shield and thread the nuts into them. Tighten the nuts snugly with two adjustable wrenches. Screw the shield screws into place and tighten with a screwdriver.

Step 2

Install the shield, shoe and neutral switch without dislodging the detent ball or its related components. Install the two bolts and lock nuts to the neutral safety shield. Place the two spacers on the driveshaft and plate.

Step 3

Place the friction control cap and lock nut on the end of the throttle cam. Install the throttle cam on the assembly. Add the throttle arm spacer and install the screw and washer securing the throttle cam to the carburetor.

Step 4

Thread the throttle arm screw and washer through the throttle arm. Install the throttle arm on the throttle cam.

Step 5

Connect the throttle and shift cables to the completed throttle control assembly. Install the three Phillips screws that hold the remote assembly to the mounting plate. Place the remote control on the remote control mounting plate that is secured to the boat.


  • Do not use a right-hand screw; replace the left-handed screw with a left-handed screw.


  • Use a molybdenu-based lubricant on all moving surfaces and pivot points.
  • Left-handed threads are used in the detent assembly.
  • After you've finished the installation, move the handles through their full range of operation. The handle should move smoothly. Tighten the throttle friction adjustment screw just enough to prevent the throttle from moving because of engine vibration. The adjustment turns clockwise to increase friction and counterclockwise to decrease the amount of friction.
  • You can adjust the shifter feel by turning the detent friction screw clockwise to increase friction, just like the throttle friction adjustment screw. Adjust the detent friction screw while moving the shifter back and forth from neutral to reverse.