Bell Bicycle Speedometer Instructions

Bell Bicycle Speedometer Instructions

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Cyclists aiming to meet fitness goals and track their progress can now take advantage of technology by installing speedometers and bicycle computers. The Bell 15 Function Wireless Speedometer tracks the current, average and maximum speeds, calories burned, and total distance traveled, in addition to displaying the current air temperature. Using the Bell speedometer on a bicycle ride will provided critical data to use when evaluating performance and progress toward goals. In order to ensure an accurate output, take the appropriate time and care in installing and programming the Bell speedometer.

Bell Speedometer Components

The Bell speedometer comes with seven necessary components: the computer unit, sensor, computer battery, mounting bracket, three O-rings, a magnet, and two cable ties. Ensure that all components are available and in good condition.

Battery Installation

Install the new battery into the computer unit with the positive (+) side facing outward. Note that when a new battery is installed, all prior data is erased. When replacing an old battery, write down all current data recorded, for record-keeping purposes.

Sensor Installation

Clamp the magnet to a spoke on the right side of the front wheel. The magnet should face the outside of the wheel. Next, using the two cable ties, attach the sensor to the right fork leg of the front wheel so that the metal side of the sensor is facing the wheel. Before fully tightening the cable ties, ensure that the sensor and the magnet pass one another with a clearance no greater than 5 mm (3/16 of an inch).

Computer Installation

Remove the adhesive strip on the back of the mounting bracket, and mount the bracket to the bike's handle bar. Utilize the provided O-rings to fully fasten the mounting bracket to the bike's handle bar as directed by the specific model's manual. Attach the computer to the mounting bracket, and twist the unit to the right until it clicks into place and locks. The face of the computer should be facing up and legible while riding the bike.

Program the Computer

Turn the computer on and select the proper wheel size setting using the codes provided in the Bell speedometer manual. Select the mile/kilometer preference, hour format preference, and kilogram/pound preference. Designate the rider's weight and set the clock of the speedometer.

Test Speedometer

To check for proper installation, lift the front of the bicycle and spin the front wheel. Ensure that the speedometer is responding with the proper icons to show data is being collected. Refer to the speedometer model's specific manual for additional testing techniques.

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