How to Become a Pro Staffer for Hunting Equipment

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Hunting is a popular outdoor recreational activity around the nation. While most people use hunting as a hobby, hunting becomes a job for the pro staffers of hunting equipment. The hunting and outdoor industry is diverse; filming and photography, product research and development, gear reviews, online marketing and advertising. Hunting companies will strategically use their pro staff members to help with each component of the hunting equipment. Becoming a pro staffer for hunting equipment takes experience, dedication and networking.

Gain real-world experience in the hunting industry. Hunting companies seek "experts"---commonly defined as 10 or more years of experience---to fill the pro staff positions. You can gain experience by actively hunting in multiple states or for multiple animals every year. Work directly for an outdoor company such as Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops or Realtree. Gaining the experience from working with industry leaders is invaluable for becoming a pro staffer.

Offer a specific talent to the hunting company. When a company invests money into your pro staff position, it wants to get something back. Most companies will seek outdoor writers, professional archers/shooters, photographers or field producers. These talents can be used by the hunting company to write articles or provide video and pictures about the equipment for the website, magazine or advertisements.

Build a network of hunting industry professionals. Your ability to successfully fill a pro staff position depends on your network within the industry. Attend hunting and outdoor trade shows, local conservation group banquets and hunting seminars to meet new people and build your network. As a pro staffer, you will be required to attend these shows and banquets to promote equipment and present seminars.

Join online social networking networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Hunting companies are using these social networking tools to actively reach a large customer base and will require their pro staff to use these tools to spread the word about new equipment they've tested or upcoming events. Some companies will have an exclusive online pro staff that's responsible for online marketing, online forums and chat rooms.

Field test various hunting products. Companies rely on field tests and gear reviews for the research and development of new equipment. Pro staffers will have the ability to use new equipment before it's offered to the general public. During a field test of new equipment, you will review the equipment for overall quality, design and features. After the field test, you will supply a review sheet with suggestions on how to improve the equipment.

Follow all hunting regulations and be an ethical hunter. Hunting companies don't want to have a pro staffer with a negative reputation within the community as an unethical hunter. Stay involved with the outdoors by becoming a member of conservation groups such as Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation or National Wild Turkey Federation and volunteering for local outdoor projects such as Archery in the Schools or hunter education programs.


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