The Best Baits for Carp Fishing

by Sandra Williams
Carp fishing is challenging.

Carp fishing is challenging.

Carp fishing is challenging and exciting, because the fish get big and they fight back. The fact that carp feed off the bottoms of lakes, ponds and streams explains why certain tactics are used to entice these fish into biting on the bait that you are using. Generally, a small wire hook will suffice for attaching bait to catch carp.

Dew Worms

Using dew worms, as opposed to red wigglers or small manure worms, is a tried and tested successful bait for carp. Ensure that you bait your hook with a full worm or a worm and a half. The worm(s) that you use will become waterlogged and sink to the bottom of your fishing area. Because a carp has poor eyesight, it is attracted to the scent of the bait lying on the bottom of the pond or lake. Worms give off a strong but appetizing odor to many types of fish, including carp. Carp feed by sucking in potential food sources rather than biting on them. This explains why you might have a carp on your line and be totally oblivious to that until you start reeling in your line. Worms also serve as moving lures that attract the carp with their movements.


Corn is a popular bait used to attract carp. It gives off an odor, but corn's biggest advantage is its bright yellow color, which stands out at the bottom of the body of water in which you are fishing. A disadvantage of using corn as bait is that it falls off the hook much more easily than worms or other baits. It can also be sucked off the hook by smaller carp that are combing the bottom to feed.

French Fries

Odd as it may sound, carp are attracted to the salty flavor of french fries. The smell gives off a distinct odor, and the fries are sucked in by carp. Like corn, fries are a hard bait to keep on the hook. Once they become waterlogged, they tend to break off and give the bottom feeders a free meal as they rummage. The light color of french fries stands out at the bottom of the water, making it easier for poor-sighted carp to spot this potential food source.

Homemade Dough Balls (Boilie)

Ingredients for round dough balls ("boilies") include fishmeal, flour, eggs and milk. This carp bait is boiled until it hardens. Commercial versions tend to last longer because of added preservatives.

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