The Best Bait for Trapping Creek Chubs

The Best Bait for Trapping Creek Chubs

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Creek chubs are a cyprinidae (minnow) that grow to approximately four to eight inches in length. The creek chub is a popular and effective bait for larger fish like bass and pike. The best bait for catching creek chubs varies by location and angler; creek chubs are too small to use live bait on. The bait is placed in a minnow trap and creek chubs swim in to eat, but cannot escape.

Bread and Crackers

White bread rolled up into a ball and thicker crackers are good bait for creek chubs. Place the bait into a fine mesh bag to keep it from floating outside of the trap. The creek chubs can still get the bait in the bag. Most kinds of bread also work, but white bread is preferred because it easily can be rolled into a soft ball.

Dog and Cat Food

Both wet and dry dog and cat food work to catch creek chubs. Dry food becomes soft when wet, and wet food holds its consistency underwater. The taste of the food and its smell is appealing to creek chubs, and will attract them to the minnow trap.

Dog Bones

Some anglers like to use a dog bones to catch creek chubs. The bone, when left soaking, begins to soften and the creek chubs can actually eat it. The bone also stays in the minnow cage easily.


Processed cheese, like Velveeta, is also good for catching creek chubs. The cheese does not melt and is easy for the creek chubs to eat. It also emits a strong smell, which helps attract them.


An inexpensive homemade bait can be made using a rock and some flour. Take a rock the size of your fist and soak it in water. Then roll the wet rock in flour until it is coated. Let the rock dry for a bit, then insert it into the trap. The flour will stay on the rock for a while and will attract creek chubs.

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