How to Attach a CamelBak to a Molle Vest

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A MOLLE vest is a type of tactical modular vest that has many purposes. The military uses a form of MOLLE vest containing tactical armor. Hunters, paintball enthusiasts, fishermen and other outdoor-loving individuals may use them for holding clipped-on items. The main benefit of a MOLLE vest is that it contains webbing strips that make it easy to attach items to the vest, such as ammo pouches, cell phones and other useful accessories. One item that can easily attach to a MOLLE vest is a CamelBak hydration pouch. Some CamelBak pouches come ready to attach right away, while others may take a little more work to connect.

Items you will need

  • Direct armor attachment system (DAAS) clips

  • MOLLE vest

  • DAAS compatible CamelBak

  • Zip ties or Velcro ties

DAAS Clips

Purchase four DAAS clips to use with the CamelBak hydration pouch. You may want to purchase more in case you lose a few.

Slip the split end of the DAAS clip into one of the webbing strips on the back of the MOLLE vest near one shoulder blade. Slip another DAAS clip onto the other side of the vest near the other shoulder blade. Clip the DAAS compatible CamelBak pouch to the DAAS clips.

Put the vest on. Note the placement of the CamelBak and how it sits on your back. If you are not happy with the placement, remove the vest and adjust the clips until you are satisfied with the way the CamelBak feels on your back.

Add in the other two DAAS clips near the base of the vest and clip the hydration pouch in place. Thread the drinking tube of the pouch through one of the webbing strips on the shoulder to allow easy access to the water as you walk or run.

Velcro Ties

Locate the attachment that connects the shoulder straps to the CamelBak hydration pouch itself. Usually there will be a fabric loop, or maybe a metal ring.

Slip a zip tie or Velcro strip through this connecting ring on all four sides of the Camel Bak hydration pouch.

Slip the other ends of the Velcro strips or zip ties through the webbing holes located on the back of the MOLLE vest. Tighten the straps so the Camel Bak sits tightly against the back of the vest.

Adjust the fit as necessary for comfort. Slip the drinking straw through a shoulder web and arrange it over the shoulder for easy access.

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