Assembly Instructions for a CVA Kentucky Long Rifle

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The CVA Kentucky Long Rifle has been a favorite of shooters for hundreds of years. The forerunner of the rifle was being designed in 1725 by German craftsmen in Pennsylvania. At the end of the French and Indian War, the rifle was brought into what today is Kentucky by frontiersmen. The rifle got its name from a song, "The Hunters of Kentucky," in 1812.

    Purchase a Kentucky CVA Long Rifle kit from a registered gun dealer. Carefully remove the parts from the box and remove protective plastic covering. Check that you have all the parts and that nothing is missing.

    Dry fit the parts by placing them in their respective cut-outs on the wooden stock. Make sure the parts fit snugly in their holes. If they do not, use a chisel to carefully remove only the amount of wood needed for them to sit securely in their slots.

    After the metal lock assembly has been firmly placed in its slot, visually verify that the crew holes line up. Install the front lock plate washer and screw, then the rear plate washer and screw.

    Place the trigger assembly into its slot, making sure it is firmly in place. The ramrod thimble should be installed on the underside of the barrel with two screws.

    Use the stock joining plate to wed the barrel to the wooden stock. Be sure that the wooden stock and barrel line up perfectly.


    • CVA stands for Connecticut Valley Arms, though the long rifles are associated with Kentucky and Pennsylvania.


    • Before loading and/or shooting the rifle, read all instructions and follow necessary safety precautions.


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