How to Assemble a 9.9 Evinrude Fuel Pump

Assembling an Evinrude 9.9-horsepower outboard motor's fuel pump is a fairly easy process. Evinrude outboard motors with carburetors use one of five different kinds of vacuum diaphragm fuel pumps; the 9.9 uses either a Type 2 or a Type 4 pump. The difference between these two types is simply the shape of the pump body and, fortunately, you assemble both of these the same way. Whether you have removed the motor's fuel pump to clean the pump's filter or to overhaul the pump, you can't take your Evinrude 9.9 boating without it.

    Set the pump cover into place. Set the new diaphragm, from the fuel pump rebuild kit, over the plunger and set spring over the plunger. Rotate the diaphragm 90 degrees to lock it into place.

    Set the reed valve into place between the housing and the cover. Thread the two pump cover screws through the pump cover and tighten to 35-56 inch-pounds with a torque driver. Fit the filter element onto the screw boss. Set the gasket around the edges of the filter element.

    Hold the fuel pump body in your right hand. Insert a new gasket over the screw boss in the center of the pump body. Set the inlet cover in place, so that the connection for the hose from the fuel tank is pointed away from the pointed end of the filter body.

    Apply a light coating of thread locker to the outlet cover screw and thread the screw through the hole in the center of the inlet cover and into the boss. Tighten the screw to between 35 and 56 inch-pounds.


    • Before you remove the fuel pump from your motor, identify and tag, with pre-wired paper tags, the fuel line that runs into the pump from the fuel tank, and the line that runs from the pump to the motor's carburetor.


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