Arachnid Dart Board Troubleshooting

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The Arachnid Cricket Pro 750 is an electronic dart board game for home entertainment. The Cricket Pro 750's soft-tip darts register electronically as they penetrate the board's nylon mesh matrix. Scores are instantly calculated and displayed on a screen beneath the board. The game scores up to eight players simultaneously and the digitally recorded name of each player is announced as his turn comes up in rotation. A handicapped scoring option levels the playing field between beginner and experienced players. The Cricket Pro 750 has a regulation-sized target area of 15.5 inches and comes with wall-mounting hardware and a 9-volt AC adapter.

Step 1

Verify that the barrel-type plug from the AC adapter is securely plugged into the jack on the bottom left side of the board, if the unit will not power up.

Step 2

Make sure all buttons operate freely if the game will not produce sound or register scores.

Step 3

Check the text screen for error messages indicating a stuck segment if the game will not produce sound or register scores. An error message like "Error 03" indicates that single segment 3 on the board is stuck. Stuck segments are usually caused by a broken dart tip stuck in the board.

Step 4

Remove any broken dart tips from the board. Pull out a long broken tip protruding from the surface of the board with a pair of pliers. You can carefully push a broken tip that's flush with the surface of the board through the board and into the recess behind the board without damaging board electronics.

Step 5

Look for sources of electrical interference. Power surges, brown-outs and electrical storms may cause erratic functioning of the game. To reset the game after electrical disruption, disconnect the AC power adapter for three seconds, and then reconnect.

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