How to Take Apart a Zebco 33 Reel

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The model 33 is part of the overall line-up of spincasting reels available from the Zebco. The 33 features stainless-steel ball bearings, continuous anti-reverse, reversible retrieve and a built-in bait keeper for convenience. Taking a model 33 apart for line changes or basic cleaning requires only a few steps.

Items you will need

  • Zebco 33 spincasting reel

  • Scissors

Hold the Zebco 33 so that the front of the reel is easily accessible. Secure or remove any hooks, weights or lures from the end of the line. Cut tackle free with a pair of scissors.

Hold the Zebco 33 reel body. Grasp the spool cover on the front of the reel.

Turn the front spool counterclockwise to loosen. Continue turning slightly until the cover stops and will not turn further.

Pull the front spool cover straight out and away from the body of the reel. Slightly move the front cover side-to-side to work it loose for removal.


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