How to Adjust the Throttle Cable on a Boat

How to Adjust the Throttle Cable on a Boat

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If you're unable to regulate your boat's speed effectively, you can end up in a tight situation quickly. One of the problems with regulating your boat's speed might be loose, ineffective throttle control, sometimes called "slop." If you find that you've got "slop" in your throttle cable, you probably need to adjust the cable so that you have firm control over your boat's throttle setting and speed.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • Wrench

Step 1

Inspect the throttle cable and sheath to be sure that the and sheath are anchored securely throughout their length. Sloppiness in the cable may result from the sheath coming loose and flexing, thus limiting the cable travel. Re-anchor the cable and sheath in its proper location if necessary. Use a screwdriver, pliers or a wrench, depending on the type of connection, to disconnect the throttle cable from the throttle. Move the throttle into the neutral position.

Step 2

Pull the throttle cable to its attachment point on the throttle. Adjust the cable by moving it until it lines up exactly with the attachment point.

Step 3

Connect the cable to the attachment point on the throttle linkage without moving the throttle. The type of connection will vary according to your boat.


  • Don't attempt to operate your boat with a failed throttle control; serious injury or death may result.


  • If adjusting your throttle cable doesn't eliminate problems with engine speed control, have the issue looked into by your boat or motor dealer.
  • If your boat and motor are still under warranty, don't attempt to adjust the throttle cable; take the boat to the dealer as soon as possible.
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