How to Adjust the Shift on the MerCruiser Alpha One

How to Adjust the Shift on the MerCruiser Alpha One

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The MerCruiser stern drive's shift cable connects the driver controls to the shift control plate. A shift interrupter switch connects to the shift plate and stalls the engine when you shift in and out of gear to help prevent damage to the stern drive. This switch is directly centered in the assembly when the cable is in the neutral position and activates just as the shift cable places the drive into gear. MerCruiser stern drive shift cables can stretch and become misaligned after years of service, requiring adjustment.

Items you will need

  • Open-end wrench

  • Screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • Assistant

Step 1

Open the engine compartment and locate the shift control plate next to the exhaust elbow or near the left valve cover. Examine the cable for rust and corrosion and replace the cable, if necessary.

Step 2

Examine the shift lever stud on the shift plate and make sure it's located at the edge of the opening next to the pivot point. Move it by loosening the stud nut with an open-end wrench. Push it into place with your fingers and tighten the nut.

Step 3

Shift the cable into the wide-open throttle position using the controls at the driver’s station while your assistant rotates the propeller counterclockwise. Continue this action until the propeller shaft stops, indicating that the clutch is fully engaged. This action pulls the shift cable inward.

Step 4

Pull on the shift cable guide to remove any slack from the cable. Remove the locknut holding the adjustment barrel in place. Remove the clevis pin with a set of pliers and disconnect the brass adjustment barrel from the post. Adjust the barrel by rotating it until you've removed the slack.

Step 5

Turn the brass barrel clockwise four turns, install it back on the mounting post, and reinsert the clevis pin.

Step 6

Shift the controls into the reverse position and extend it to the wide-open throttle mode while your assistant rotates the propeller clockwise until it stops. This process will indicate full clutch engagement. Remove the cover from the controls and locate the shift lever adjustment stud if the clutch does not engage. Loosen the stud using an open end wrench and move it slightly upward inside the slot and test again. Repeat the process until the clutch becomes engaged.

Step 7

Place the shift control lever into the neutral position. Check the engine shift interrupter switch and make sure that the roller or plunger is centered directly over the middle indentation of the switch frame. Investigate for cable damage or stretching if the cable is out of place.

Step 8

Check the cable and tighten all connections.

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