How to Adjust an Evinrude Trim Sender

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Outboard motor trim is the angle of your outboard's gear case and propeller shaft compared to the vertical line of the boat's transom. Adjusting the trim affects your boat's handling. Loosely speaking, the bow tends to move in the direction of the trim: if you trim up, your boat's bow will rise from the water. You should adjust trim to accommodate the boat's operational, passenger load and sea conditions. You can make small adjustments using your Evinrude motor's properly adjusted trim sender to achieve the desired handling and fuel economy.

Items you will need

  • Drift pin

  • Screwdriver

Tilt the engine up and engage the trailering bracket. Push a heavy drift pin into the "Number 3" hole on the stern bracket.

Trace the white/tan, black/tan and green wire from the tilt trim motor to the sending unit, normally located next to the lower tilt pin assembly.

Lower the trailering bracket and lower the motor against the drift pin. Ensure that the trim gauge needle shows a centered position. If not, tilt the engine up slightly with the tilt/trim switch, loosen the sending unit retaining screws with a screwdriver and pivot the trim gauge up or down until it shows a centered position.

Lower the motor against the drift pin to check the adjustment. Repeat this process until the gauge shows the motor centered when it is sitting on the drift pin.

Tighten the sending unit retaining screws, ensuring that the sending unit does not move. Remove the temporary drift pin and lower the motor.

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